Tuesday, November 16, 2010

It Was Fun


It was fun
While it lasted.
These were the last words
I said to Henri.

Our whirlwind romance
Was winding to an end
Like a tired hurricane
Somewhere over Canada.

It wasn't as though
We expected forever
From each other.
It was more like a season,
Maybe two.

We experienced
An intense sense of like
Which took us on long walks
On beaches as the sun dropped
Into azure waters.

Our time together included
Visiting perfumeries
Spritzing each other with divine scents
And taking the opportunity
To be closer to each other than usual.

There were times when
We would lounge around his place,
Listening to his collection of cds.
I would tease him about his Britney Spears cd
Which he swore belonged to an old girlfriend.

In cages,
Over cups of strong brew,
We would share serious conversations,
Plato, Aristotle, Socrates,
And other philosophies,
As well as who was the better super hero,
Batman or Superman.

Somewhere between our first hello
And our final goodbye,
We kissed.
It was like a fine piece of music,
Starting slow and gentle,
Building in intensity
Till it hit a crescendo,
Leaving us satisfied and wanting more.

But like all good things,
It came to an end.
We both knew we weren’t the ones,
The ones who caught our breaths
At the first glances.
The ones who made us want
To commit ourselves to them.

We always spoke of todays
Never broaching the topic of tomorrow.
We understood that each moment
Was precious and would be remembered fondly,
So we never wasted our time
On arguments,
Agreeing to disagree.

Our time together
Was like a rose,
Starting as a tiny bud.
Then day by day it grows,
And one fine day,
It blossoms in all its grandeur.
Then a few days later,
It slowly dies away
And is nothing but a beautiful memory.

I sometimes miss Henri,
But I stand behind my last words,
It was fun while it lasted.

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