Monday, September 20, 2010

In Reality

He said that
The job would be easy.

My sole purpose
Was to be eye candy.

So why was I lying
In a pool of my own blood?

Why was this bullet
Burried in my stomach?

Whay was he stowing the loot
In the trunk of his family car?

Where were the others?
Luke who was posing
As a security guard.
Tony and Sylvester,
The shooter and driver, respectively.
Where were they
And why weren't the stopping him?

In a blink of an eye,
He was over me.

He was stuffing papers
In my pockets,
But I was too weak
Too much in pain
To fight him.

As he strode away,
I managed to pull out
A piece of paper
From my left pocket.

It showed the route
Of the armor truck
We just boosted.

I looked up
When I heard a click,
Fearing it was the click
Of the safety of his gun
Being removed, instead,
It was the sound of
The car door closing.

I watched the family car drive off
With the Baby on Board sticker
Fading into the distance.

In reality,
Things don't according to plan.

In reality,
Not everyone knows the complete plan.

In reality,
I will die in a few hours
From a gunshot wound.

In reality,
I will be blamed for a crime
For which I was only supposed
To be eye candy.

Reality can be a bitch.

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