Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happiness Finds Me


The hot air
Licked the back
Of my neck
Like a lover.
Kissing, licking
And blowing warm air.

I didn’t bother
To put on the fan
Sitting at the foot
Of the hammock.
All it would have done was
Circulate the hot air
In and about the space
That embraced my body.

I reached for an ice cube
From the bowl next to me.
I licked it,
Letting my mouth
Become acquainted to the coolness.
Then I wrapped my lips
Around the cold delight,
And sucked,
Melting it
Before swallowing it

I set the hammock
To swing,
Kicking off with my foot
In an idle fashion.
Book in my hands,
Blue sky all around
And Coltrane playing
In the background.

This was happiness.

I didn’t need
Gucci bags,
Louboutin pumps
Or a Lamborghini
In my favourite shade of

Those things did not
Let my heart grow
Two sizes its size.
They did not create
A feeling that can only
Be described as Joy.

I found happiness
In a good book,
In the company of good people,
In the presence of nature
At it’s most beautiful.

And sometimes,
Fifty percent of the time,
Happiness finds me.

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