Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Future

My Modern Met

I didn’t plan
To be on this street.

It was a if my car
Drove me to this location.

The same car
Pappi bought from
The widow down the street
From our house
On the other side of town.

This side of town
Was older.
If I looked
Hard enough
I would see the ghost
Of the past bumping
Into each other.

I would probably
See hippies bumping
Into 14th Century farmers,
But I chose not to see,
Ignoring the past,
Looking for the future.

My future just
Stepped out of the building
Across the street.

He was tall,
Not attractive
In the contemporary fashion,
But he caught my eye
And as I got to know him,
He caught my heart.

I wanted to run over
To him to apologize
For all the awful
Things I said,
To ask him for forgiveness,
But I just stared at him.

Emotions held me
In my little white car
And watched him
Walk away.

He looked back,
Our eyes met,
But I didn’t move
And he continued walking.

I didn’t run
After him,
Nor did I start up
The car and drive home.

I just sat,
My future walk away.

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