Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Good Morning

(source: My Modern Met)

The sun peeked up out
Of the horizon
She never saw.

As she trudged
Up the steps
To her third floor walk up
She envisioned
Being sprawled across
The pillow top bed
In her cramped room.

Her roommate
Was probably fast asleep.
Lucy worked at the cafe
Off Broadway,
Her alarm would be going off
In half an hour.
She had the AM shift.

With out seeing
She walked through
The living room
And slipped into her room.

He was asleep,
He always promises
To stay up,
But she knew
He was incapable of that.

Although they've slept
In the same bed for months,
She still undressed with
Her back to him
Facing the rising sun,
Even if he was sleeping.

Instead of the comfy PJ's
She threw on her red lingerie,
The one she knew he loved.
She slipped into the bed,
Into his arms,
Into slumber.

Good morning.

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