Saturday, July 10, 2010

Three Women

Three women sat
Across the table
From me.
Lydia Beauchamp.
Carol Beecham.
Laura Belleview.

Three women
Who epitomized
Style, grace and wealth
In our small town
Of Springville.

I sat before them
Hoping to join
Their little clique
Of influence.

I hoped to
Sit with them
At the fashion shows
In New York.
Designers drooling over us
When we visited their showrooms.

I hoped to jet
To Paris, Milan,
St. Bart with them.
Summering in the Hamptons.
They could afford
To use the word,

As I sat there,
We chatted about
Who I knew,
Where I've been,
What I've done.

But I always
Veered the conversation
Away from my wealth,
Fearing that they
Would toss me
Into the category of
Nouveau Riche.

Our meeting
Soon came to an end.
We said our adieus
And they made
Promises to inform me
Of their decision.

Seven days exactly,
A letter arrived.
Seven days later,
My social future
Was set in stone
By three women
Of influence.

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