Saturday, July 17, 2010

Poetry Inspired by Sator Arepo

After reading my very morbid poem, He Gave Me His, my sister left me a comment challenging me to write poems to pictures found on My Modern Met. These pictures were shot by a photographer from Barcelona, Spain, Sator Arepo. According to My Modern Met,
Sator Arepo is a photographer from Barcelona, Spain who shoots beautiful and charming scenes around European beaches and streets. With each photo, it's as if he's telling us a captivating story, asking us to fill in the missing scenes.

I found the pictures captivating and decided to take up my sister’s challenge. Every Wednesday, I will be posting a poem with one of Sator Arepo’s photos as the inspiration. There are about 15 photos on the My Modern Met post, but I found a link to the photographer’s Flickr page. If the 15 poems go well, I will continue and assign Wednesdays to poetry inspired by the photographs by Sator Arepo.

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