Monday, June 14, 2010

It's nice to be noticed

Colour me surprised when I googled myself and found that this blog was listed among the Best Poetry Blogs on the Web. The list was on the website, Guide To Art Schools.

I'm not in the top five, but come on, those listed are more creative than my blog and contain the classics. How can I compete with the likes of Shakespeare? So scroll down in the other fantastic poetry blogs list as it is in alphabetical order.

The odd thing is they think I'm two people, Kim and Lisa. If the compilers of this list is reading this post, my name is Kimolisa. My mother couldn't decide which name to give me, Kim or Lisa. In the end she called me that, well the Spanish version of that, Kim o Lisa, Kimolisa.

I do appreciate the acknowledgment and I hope everyone continues to enjoy my work.


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