Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I Would Journey

The plane dipped down
As my stomach dipped up.
The pilot cursed
In three languages,
None of which was English.
And yet, I continued on.

The seat of the bus
Rudely smacked my rear
As though I was
An unruly child.
Still two more hours
On this bumpy road,
And yet I would not turn back.

The donkey brayed
And once again
My rear learns a new
Pain from a saddle
Attached to said donkey.
I believe the braying
Was him laughing
At his foolish cargo.
I am to close
To even think
Of where I came from.

My body ached
As I took the
Last few steps
To the doorway of the hut
And yet it was
All worth it.

There standing in the doorway
Was my child.
There in my child’s arms
Was my grandchild.

As I took my grandchild
Into my arms
And my child led me
To the chair
Next to a window
That looked out onto the mountains,
The aches of my journey
Melted away.

For my child,
I would journey
To the end of the world.
For my grandchild,
I would journey back.

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