Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A New Dream

I was searching
In the depths
Of my being
For something I recognised.

Something that
Held a dream
So precious
That I coveted it.

Withoug knowing that
I coveted it.
Not knowing
How important it was
To my existence.

Then I found it
Tucked away
Between my reality and
My heart's desire
Like a child
At midnight.

At first,
I was afraid
To disturb it,
To wake it
From it's fitful slumber,
But the time to
Face all fears
Was now.

I claimed my dream.
I reared it
As though it was
My child.
I nurtured it.
I provided for it.
I protected it.

And when it grew
Too big
For me to hold
Any longer,
I set it free
And went in search
Of a new dream.

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