Thursday, April 29, 2010

Release Me

Release me,
Oh wicked heart.

Once a prisoner
Of my chest,
Now the captor
Of my brain.
It's accomplice,
A once ignorant clit.

Fooling my brain
With the illusions
Of love,
A foolish notion,

Release me,
I say,
You traitor,
You fiend.

Set me free,
And let me
Run rampant
In the fields
Of logic
And common sense.

I refuse
To dwell
In this den
Of false nirvana,
Laced with
And heartache.

And still,
I bide my time
For the moment
My heart makes
A mistake.

It is then
I shall bury
It deeper away,
Never to see

My time
Shall come
And it will
Release me.

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