Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Old Record Player

One day,
He came home
With this box,
And said that
They don't make these

He opened it
And there was an
Old record player.
He said he was
Looking all over
For one.

He had tons
Of records,
But no record player,
I used to laugh
At this little quirk.

That day,
He pulled out
An old Motown record
And placed it
On the player.
Then he pulled me
Into his arms.

We just rocked,
Back and forth,
Body to body,
Soul to soul.
Just us
And the record player.

He's gone now,
And all that is left,
Is this record player
And his records.

On days
When I felt
So alone,
I would put
A record on the
Old record player.
Most times,
An old Motown record.

I would hold
On to that one quirk
That I would laugh about.

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