Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Love Love

I love Love!

I love the notion
Of walking on the beach,
Our words floating asea,
Carried on the crests of waves
And bellies of fish.

I love the idea
That we can look
Deep into each others eyes
And have a conversation
Without the weight of words.

I love the way
The fine hairs
On the back of my neck
Sway in the breeze
Of his breath,
As I dwell in
The strength of his arms.

I love how
He finds the rights
To all my wrongs,
The sunshine
In my grey skies.

I love the way
My hand fits
Into his hand,
How it seeks it out
In a crowd,
Transferring a strength
I fear I had lost.

I love how
He says my name.
Each syllable curling
Around his tongue,
Kissing my ears,
Calling me home.

I love Love!
A love
I have yet to find.
A love that goes beyond
The physical
And even the mental.

A love
I hope,
I wish,
I pray exists,
That involves
The mind,
The body,
The soul.

I love Love.

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