Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Stars

Two stars
Sat in the universe.
One to the north,
One to the south.

They grew,
As all things do
And become formidable forces
In their own galaxies.

It was one day
They beheld each other
And an attraction was formed.
Their gravitational forces
Pulling them together.

As we all know,
The universe
Is ever expanding,
And yet the space
Between these stars
Was contracting.

It was a matter of time
Before the two stars
Were right next to each other.
Strangely enough,
They did not collide into each other,
One star absorbing the other.

Two stars
Sat in the universe,
Their gravitational forces
Holding them together.
So close they sat
That they appeared to be one.

In time,
A constellation grew around them.
A beautiful sight, indeed,
Stretching to the north,
Dipping to the south,
And in the heart of it all,
Two starts.

Two stars
Sat in the universe,
Shining so bright,
They appeared to be one.


Early December last year, an old school mate got married and I had bought the happy couple a gift. Unfortunately, because the actual wedding ceremony didn't go according to plan, I never gave them the gift till recently. Anyway, I decided to throw this poem in as an "I'm sorry it took so long to give you your gift" gift. It came to me and I had to write it down and I must say I like it.

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