Monday, March 15, 2010


You have spots, baby,
Not freckles,
Or pimples,
But spots
That draw me to you.

Like the spot
In your soul
That you bury away,
Like a treasure
On a deserted island.
But you leave me clues
That help to find it.
Your kindness take me part the way,
Then your compassion takes me further,
And soon, I find the spot.
And I treasure it
The way you do.

Then there is the pot
In your mind.
It engages me,
It inspires me,
It angers me at times
But that makes you
All the more interesting.

Oh, and then there are spots
On your body.
The spot where your neck meets your chest
Where a puddle forms
On a hot day
And a few hot nights.

Then there is the spot,
On your lips.
I like to nibble on it,
Suck it,
Lick it.
Hershey's Kisses have nothing
On your kisses.

And there is the spot
Not any and everyone gets to see...
But lets keep this PG-13,
Shall we?

You have spots,
Not freckles
Or pimples,
But spots
And I love them all
Because they make
You, you.

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