Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Speed of living

Like acid on the brain,
Corroding each nerve,
Each cell.

Strung up
On this bureaucratic

Can't move forward
At the speed of living.
Can't walk away.

Damn this,
Damn me,
Damn it all.

It's like acid
The Brain.

Brown shoes,
Black frames glasses,
Silver flower pendent.

Colours flash be me,
At the speed of living.
Too fast for me,
Too slow for me.

What speed am I going,
If living is passing me,
If I'm passing living.
Am I dead?

Or am I
In an evolved state
Of living,
Or is it.....

As I'm typing this, I'm questioning if I ever did drugs. To me this seems very psychedelic. LOL.

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