Wednesday, March 17, 2010



My heart beats
Just like yours.
It is similar in size
And shape.
Just as yours
Is similar to the hearts
Of the persons to your right
And to your left.

We are all one,
Although my skin
Is a shade darker
Or lighter than yours,
When I am cut,
My blood runs red
As the petals of a Hibiscus.
Same as yours.

Our languages may differ,
Our accents may vary
But you love,
And are loved,
And want to be loved.
You have dreams and desires,
Ambitions and hopes.
Same as me.

Although we are different
In one form or another,
We all walk on this earth,
We all are warmed by the sun
By day,
And watched over by the moon
By night.
We are all one.

Do we not cry
When we are hurt?
The pain so much,
It envelops us whole.
Do we not smile
As we look at a baby?
So small, so fragile,
Hope personified.
We are all one.

Do we not have songs
Of love,
Of honour,
Of pain,
Of happiness,
To which we sways our hips
When the notes and words
Touch our souls?
We are all one.

We are all born
And we all shall die.
Two truths we all accept.
What we do between
Is our choice,
And yet we all go to school,
We all shall work,
We all shall fall in love.
We are all one.

We are all human beings.
Being loving,
Being compassionate,
Being creative,
Being intellectual,
Being different and yet similar.
Being human.

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