Sunday, February 14, 2010

Forbidden Fruit


I raised my head
To the sky,
But instead of countless stars,
My eyes alit
On the streaks of raindrops
Highlighted by the distant lights.

A gasp
Escaped my throat
And sugar coated bolts
Of energy flowered
From the core of my being,
Electrifying every atom,
Every proton, nuetron, electron
That existed in me.

I looked down
And with eyes
Lazy with extasy,
I watched him
Lick, suck and nip
At my forbidden fruit.

I pulled hip up,
And with my lips,
My tongue, I consumed
His mouth,
Tasting my juices,
Tasting him.

With an ease,
I've grown accustomed to,
He sank into me.
My body a sheath
For his beautiful, thick sword.
Our mouths absorbed
Our moans.

Like a boat
On calm waters,
He rocked,
Nice and slow,
In and out.
His eyes on mine.
My eyes on his.

Then we entered rough seas
And his momentum increased.
A growl clawed it's way
Out of the depths of his being
And a vibration began
From the core of my being
Freeing a scream from my lungs.

Then nothing.
Two bodies entwined.
Frozen in time,
Holding on to each other
As though there was nothing else
In the world.

Held breaths
Were released.
Muscles relaxed
And once hard bodies
Became pools of spent liquid.

He rolled his weight off
And nestled beside me.
We soon fell asleep
As the rain clouds traveled west
And the stars emerged
And shone down on us
On the rooftop of my apartment.

Here we rest until the sun rises
Or until one of us grows hungry
For the others forbidden fruit.

1 comment:

CaliSunshine said...

Wow. Profound with a brilliant ending. Thank you for this poem, and for your wonderous works that brighten and enlighten my day.