Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Ponder

I ponder
On days
When the wind blows
Cooling me,
Giving me relief
From the loving sun.

I ponder
Over life,
What life is meant to be,
What it has in store for me.
And I ponder,
And I ponder,
And I ponder.

Then nothing.
All I can think of
Is not to ponder about it.
Let it happen,
Let it wash over me
Like a blue and white wave.

A wave that crashes
Over me
Knocking loose
All the doubt and fear
Leaving me with childish glee.

A glee
Stored away
In the tomb
Of my childhood.
A childhood to be remembered,
And forgotten once more.

So what
Is the meaning of life?
The all important question.
Frankly, it's a question
I will eventually answer.

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