Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Thoughts of a Sales Girl

Oh, how I hate you,
I dislike the way you waste my time.
The fact that you think
I'm your friend,
The fact that you
Come in every damn week.

Oh, how I loathe you,
I can't stand
When you ask my opinion
Then chose the other item,
Making it obvious that
You don't value my opinion.

Oh, how I despise you,
I wish you didn't try everything
Then don't by anything,
Raising my blood pressure
To a dangerous level.

Alas, I can not spout
My long list of faults
I've found in you.
All, I can do
Is smile and say,
"You look great."

*My mom owns a store in town and at one point this is how I felt about a particular customer. After a while people do get to you, but when you are in a service industry you have to swallow your resentment.

(pic: All Things In Their Place)


MissUnderstood said...

I love this creative form of frustration revealed. It's brilliant. And, in response to your comment on my blog, you are right on target. You've discovered one of the most valuable secrets in life..."love those who know how to love you." It's the key to balance and fulfillment.

Anywhoo, thanks for the support and I love your blog.

thisfinemess said...

I have worked in retail for what seems like a million years and I've felt that frustration often. Found you through 20SB, by the way, great blog. :)

I LOVE YOU said...