Thursday, January 8, 2009

This Messy Thing

There is this song by India.Arie, it starts with "I am ready for love... I made a cd of the love songs I had on cds and that was the first song on it.

Right now, I question if I am ready for love. Or if I am capable of lof love. Hell, what is love? Do I want it? Do I need it? Can I have both love and a career? If I can't have both, which one should I give up?

I'm confused at an age when I'm suppose to get it. I had a suite-mate who was at the end of a relationship with her boyfriend. She didn't know it, but he knew it. It was messy in my estimation, and she asked me what was going on, why was he not calling her back. It was clear as day and she didn't get it. How do you convince someone that the other person isn't into them anymore. I guess I was mortally afraid of being so blinded by this messy thing call love.

I'm babbling, so I'm going to stop here. If you have any comments on this messy thing called love, post them.

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