Monday, January 5, 2009

Bruised Lips

Bruised lips.
I love kissing you,
It comes naturally like breathing.
I don't think,I just be.

Bruised lips.
First we come so close
That we are breathing
Each others' breaths.
Wanting to move forward,
Hoping the other would do it first.

Bruised lips.
Then we connect,
Like those magnetic dolls.
Everytime, I forget
How soft your lips are;
How I like to suck
On your lower lip;
How I like the way
Your tongue plays with mine;
How your strong arms
Hold me tight.
I swear, I would melt
If you didn't hold me tight.

Bruised lips.
Soon we would pull apart,
Not because we wanted to,
Because we needed to

When you've gone
Your way,
And I, mine,
I will leave with
The knowledge
That you love me;
The understanding
That you need me.
With bruised lips.

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